CT102 AND CT202


230 Vac Control Units

Key Automation presents the new CT102 and CT202 latest-generation control units. Designed to deliver customisable installations that are still quick and easy to use, thanks to the new three-figure display, now with added functions. The CT102 control unit is designed to operate a sliding or up-and-over door motor, while the CT202 controls two motors for operation of two hinged leaves. Both feature a standardised programming procedure also shared with 24V control units like the CT-724 and 14A.  Control units comprise a new receiver with RX4 4-channel radio connector, capable of saving up to 200 codes (optional up to 1000 codes).

With the CT102 and CT202, users are able to set opening and closing deceleration ramps as required, as well as automatic closure of the pedestrian opening. Both control units have current sensor obstacle detection, LED display of inputs and safety devices, and various inputs/outputs for functions including separate OP(en), CL(ose) and PED(estrian), steady or flashing light, and courtesy light or gate open warning.

CT102 AND CT202 CT102 AND CT202