Распашные ворота

Révo c Night Light System

Электромеханический мотор-редуктор с шарнирным плечом для распашных створок до 2,3 м, 24 Vdc

The product combines a lighting system with an articulated arm gear motor. 
Designed for swing gates made of PVC or wood leaves Ideal for narrow columns or pillars with reduced dimensions.
Compact shape and silent movement, made of strong die-casting aluminium and UV resistent covers
The articulated arm allows the installation of RÉVO in all those difficult situations where there is a significant depth between the leaf and the column, or with very narrow columns (10x10 cm).
Available in two versions, with articulated arm or sliding arm for reduced openings
The unlocking system is simple and intuitive, also possible using the transmitter Sub. Optional unlock from the outside
The installation of the motor is also eased by the front and rear brackets located at the same level
Back-up battery (optional) on board
Double mechanical stop included

Révo c Night Light System Révo c Night Light System Révo c Night Light System Révo c Night Light System