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Maximum customer satisfaction is the main goal that Key Automation pursues over time, through the continuous and timely improvement of its processes, products and services provided.

The Management strongly believes that the support, involvement, and satisfaction of all individuals at all levels within the Organization are extremely important to achieve both maximum customer satisfaction and the set goals.

The founding principles of our organization are:

The centrality of the customer and their needs: it is desirable to always strive to customer satisfaction and loyalty with the aim to develop the skills for dealing with evolving market situations through timely and complete analysis of processes, including those of competitors, with particular attention to changing market scenarios worldwide.

Considering innovation as a trademark of the company, having a positive approach to difficulties through the logic of team working, encouraging creativity and the spirit of innovation throughout the organization.

The importance of suppliers, pursued through solid and long-lasting partnerships with critical suppliers selected with the requirements of reliability and authority, and through the creation of correct conditions to stimulate their involvement in the implementation of development plans, both in the design phase and in the production phase.

Orientation to economic results and cost management in a logic of efficiency, punctually defining individual and team objectives, periodically verified and redefined.

360° quality orientation: all organizational aspects must aim at excellence and continuous improvement, through the implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Through the achievement of these principles, we intend to create not only a company which is strongly focused on its customers, but also a new humanistic business model: "a company that responds in the noblest form to all the rules of ethics, where profit is obtained without damage or offense to anyone, and part of it is used for any initiatives capable of concretely improving the condition of human life, both internal and external to the company".

The aim is to create an organization in which all involved parties are aware that its future is determined by the contribution of all.